Culture / 11 Oct 2016
5 Practical Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Keeping employees interested, motivated, and dedicated to their jobs ensures constant advancement for your company. Prioritizing employee engagement is therefore an essential step. Taking practical steps that maintain and increase engagement is an investment in the employees, the company, and the future, making it worth the time and effort.

Cultivating the following five areas in your work place will take you significant steps in the direction you need to go.

1. Communication

Maintaining open communication between management and employees reassures them that you take their opinions, experiences, and ideas into account. Responding and making changes whenever necessary shows respect and lets employees know that they have a say in their company and job experience.

2. Competition

A bit of healthy competition when it comes to projects, interaction, organization, communication, and any number of other areas takes engagement to a whole new level. It gives employees an added level of interest, builds comradery between team members, and gives even more reason to stay engaged.

3. Compromise

Training employees to come to compromises instead of just checking out when conflict arrises results in continued engagement even thru difficult times. Far from showing weakness, know what to hold on to and what to let go of creates strong teams where members know their voices are heard and reason will prevail.

4. Community

Team building activities allow employees to make connections with their coworkers which in turn gives them the opportunity to engage on a more personal level with the company. Once have invested themselves not only in their jobs, but also in their coworkers, they have multiple important reasons to stay engaged.

5. Compensation

Regardless of the form that the reward takes — monetary, vacation days, free lunch, etc. — offering some kind of compensation ensures interest from any employee. Knowing that you will recognize and reward hard work and engagement gives just the needed incentive to maintain this path toward growth.


Each employee is distinct, and therefore each of these tactics will achieve varying successes with different people. But taking the time to incorporate these strategies into the workplace will improve your employees’ experience and thereby increase and ensure their engagement. Ready to give it a try? Let us help you get started!