Fine Craft: Adding Textiles, Wood, and Ceramics to Corporate Interior Design

The Fine Craft movement has blossomed in recent years, bringing large-scale and small works to the marketplace for use in commercial design. Artworks made from textiles, wood, and ceramic bring unique qualities of color, texture, and warmth into a space.

Textiles are art quilts, large scale paper works, weavings and tapestries, and sculptural works of fiber and wood. Unlike much of modern art, works in textiles make an immediate connection with a viewer. They bring ideas of warmth, of home and comfort–the everyday elevated with ideas into a new context. Vibrant color and texture can enliven a space, and textiles can come in large sizes without bringing problems with weight during installation.

Wood and woven baskets bring the warmth and color of natural wood to an industrial or commercial space, with unique shapes and sculptural qualities that intrigue and amuse. The touch of the handmade is strong with these works, making that important human connection with a viewer. They bring ideas of memory, of transition–the traditional hope chest, a baby cradle–with vibrant new associations and ideas.

Works in ceramics have a deep and intuitive connection with the earth in their materials and surfaces, the colors and textures reflecting earth, sky, and water. They also bring an association with traditional vessel use–food and drink–and that association with vessels informs the works with ideas of everyday use. A display of vintage Japanese teacups with modern ceramics for a tea ceremony, for instance, is both intriguing, beautiful, and thought-provoking, while making an immediate connection with a viewer. Vessels can also bring associations with sustenance, the warmth of having enough.

Modern fine craft can provide interior design elements that are intuitively pleasing to viewers, bringing warmth and the touch of the handmade to commercial spaces.



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