4 Technology Trends That Enrich Workplace Dynamics

Technology trends tend to predict the direction of communication dynamics in both society and professional realms. Awareness of digital innovation inspires a workforce to stay relevant and up-to-date. Highlighting technological trends and implementing them into work strategies can also close the age gap between generations.

There are four contemporary technology trends that can positively supplement a workplace community. These include Google docs, Facebook, a blog and/or a twitter account.

With Google Docs, both supervisors and employees can interact in a group setting without viewing their peers face to face. One Google document can display multiple suggestions from employees. All involved in the document can view each others’ suggestions and make additional comments. Google docs also offers a virtual conversation setting which can be done live. Colleagues can collaborate by sharing ideas or by co-designing a document in real-time while not even in the same room.

Every office should have a Facebook page. On Facebook, employers and employees can announce reminders, accolades, inspiration and events. Encouraging employees to post pictures from work-related events and to comment on each others’ posts strengthens social bonds between colleagues.

To encourage workplace growth, running an ongoing blog can be very useful. Here, helpful information, company related headlines, tricks of the trade and more elaborate announcements can be published. The blog is comparable to a company magazine, however it is free of cost, and it is accessible by way of smart devices. The content of the blog posts can help workers stay focused on certain goals.

Twitter, the most interactive and casual technology trend, allows workplace communities to follow an account affiliated with their company. They may voice immediate suggestions or post their own helpful finds like links to articles or data. Twitter is another wonderful tool that can motivate workers via quotes, humor and relevant retweets.