Culture / 02 Feb 2017
Enhance Emotional Bonding to Your Brand in 2017

Research is backing up the fact that customers are capable of emotionally bonding with a brand or product. In fact, data reveals 69 % of customers say their consumerism is an emotion-led experience. It should come as no surprise that emotions drive people in more ways than we think because we are human and crave emotional connections. With that in mind, businesses that tap into the emotions of customers win the day. Just how can businesses make sure customers are emotionally in tune with their brand? Here are 3 tips to inspire customer emotions.

Balance emotional stimuli with logic

Dale Carnegie had some insight about the delicate balance businesses must maintain between emotions and logic. On the one hand, you want customers to be moved by their emotions and swayed toward your brand. However, once emotions diminish, you want to make sure the customer has more to chew on. In other words, make sure they have a good reason (logically) to want your product, as well.

Create the “right” atmosphere in the office or building

Studies show one way people form emotional bonds is through the five senses. What we see inspires our emotions. Certain sounds have various effects on people. Music has long been a creator of ambiance and used in some educational settings to promote learning. Smells bring about memories of the past. All the senses work together to evoke emotions. Businesses that create an atmosphere that matches their brand and makes the customer take pause, begins the journey of emotional bonding.

Offer genuineness

Customers want to feel they can relate to your brand and to your staff. This won’t happen if people and advertising appear phony. People are truly attracted to others who they sense are being “themselves.” When a brand and its ambassadors appear down-to-earth or “real,” it evokes a feeling of trust. Trust is the first step in customer loyalty, so promote it.

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