Culture / 07 Feb 2017
3 Emerging Workplace Technology Trends That Change The Way We Work

For decades, employers and employees have been used to the traditional office layout with cubicles and a 9-5 schedule. But over the last few years, the way we work has dramatically changed. And in this post, we will uncover three emerging workplace technology trends that are changing the way we work today.

  1. Work Anywhere at Anytime: The way technology has so quickly advanced now allows us to work from essentially any location at any given time. Communication among colleagues can be done virtually and now certain technology even allows for people to work while they are flying in the air. In short, we now live in a world where work is not somewhere you go, rather it is something that you do.
  2. More Video Content Management: We recently witnessed the way video content dominated social media last year and companies are now seeing the incredible benefits video implementation has in the workforce. Almost all communication can be done live through video on any device and training seminars could be conducted for employees almost exclusively through video. Expect to see many more companies taking on this means of communication to reach both their target audience and their employees.
  3. Emphasis On Individual Work Style: No two employees work effectively in the same manner. And now, technology allows for companies to accommodate each employee’s unique work style. Expect to see more businesses put greater emphasis on creating the best situation for employees to work as productively as possible in their own way.

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