Culture / 01 Mar 2017
How to Create a Productive Company Culture

Company culture is a big buzz word lately. Some cultures are more laid back, while some are more stringent. These are things that employees take into account when looking for work. However, that is not the most important aspect of a company culture. Business owners must ask themselves “Does my company culture help my business succeed ?”

Who is my customer?

Who your customer is will determine how you create your company culture. If your customers are older real estate investors, you need to cater your culture toward them. If your clients are young advertising executives, you need to take a different approach. Who would your customer want to work with? Who would they relate to the best? What is their communication style? Do they want to do business in a sparsely decorated office, or one that is modern? It never hurts to ask, and get feedback from them.

Who are your employees?

This goes back to who your customer is. You want to make sure you have employees who can relate to your customer. They need to work well together. Are you looking for 30 years of experience? Or, are you looking for a fresh perspective. A baby boomer prefers a much different culture than a millennial. Cater your culture to the generation you wish to hire.

How do your employees work best?

Do your employees thrive in an open office where they can bounce ideas off of each other? Or, do they need time to focus on the task at hand? Do they like to have ping-pong readily available to blow off steam? Or would that be a distraction? Ensure that your culture increases productivity, while making your employees happy.

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