Culture / 08 Mar 2017
3 Workplace Trends You Will See Popping up This Year

Everything, particularly in the worlds of business and design, is fluid and ever changing. And every year, new trends will rise. So which trends are fleeting and which trends are lasting enough to pay attention to? In this post, we will go over three of the top workplace trends you will see popping up in 2017.

  1. The Decline of The Traditional Desk: With more companies revamping the way they set up office spaces or how many employees they hire for telecommuting work, the traditional desk setup is getting a makeover. Expect to see more treadmill workstations, height desks, long tables, and wireless desks. Companies are putting more of their focus on a) their employee’s health and productivity and b) overall collaboration among the entire company.
  2. New Ways of Sitting: In order to promote new ways of thinking, companies are looking at new ways of sitting. Ditch conventional desk chairs for semi-circle sofas, enclave setups for meetings, and padded benches. Modern furniture doesn’t just enhance the aesthetics of the office, it adds greater workplace culture and creativity.
  3. Going Green: No longer is it enough to stick a fern somewhere in the office. Companies are now recognizing the importance of implementing more mother nature into the workplace. This includes outdoor office extensions, courtyards, salvaged wood, and living walls. Without the inclusion of an outdoor element, employees will suffer from physiological and mental fatigue, which will ultimately end up negatively affecting the quality of their work.

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