How your brand name effects your bottom line!

Brand name? Generic? What brand is that? Brand play a pivotal role in defining your business. It can determine quality, reputation, and even viability. Some will only use a certain brand of detergent. There are also customers who only eat name brand cereal. Some refuse to use certain brands. How do you establish your brand? How do you make it profitable?


Perception is reality for many people. Whether that perception is right or wrong, it can affect your bottom line. Effective marketing and great public relations can do a lot to keep the public perception of your brand where you want it. If something does arise, having a great PR person to play damage control can work wonders.


Many name brands are associated with high quality. The higher than generic price tags reinforces that claim as well. Again, this ties into perception being reality. Often times, you can look at the back of an ingredients list of generic cold medicine and it has the same active ingredients, in the same quantities as name brand. However, the quality of the medicine is perceived as higher.


As an established brand, you have a reputation for quality. Otherwise, you would not be in business. Reputation play a big role in determining where consumers spend their money. There are consumers who will not purchase certain brands because of their use of sweat shops. Some consumers will not purchase specific brands of gasoline due to the companies negative impact on the environment.

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