Business / 13 Apr 2017
Office Technology – Why it is Important to Stay Up to Date

Sometimes running a business seems overwhelming. You have to deal with hiring, marketing your product or service, maintaining customers relationships, staying compliant with changing regulations and more every day. So staying up to date on technology on top of everything else might seem daunting. Yet you have to do it or risk harming your business. Why?

Customer Perception and Brand Image

Customers want to know that the companies they deal with are technologically up to date. In fact, according to a recent Microsoft survey, a whopping 91% of customers will stop doing business with a company that they feel is using out of date technology.

Practically speaking, this means that they do not want to walk into a dentist office or an insurance office and see old-fashioned desktop computers. They also do not want to deal with websites that do not render well on mobile devices or do not employ a chat function. Customers are particularly uncomfortable entering personal data into a website that appears outdated.

Hiring Millennial Talent

The age of the millennial is upon us. This generation is now larger than the baby boomer generation and will take over the workforce for years to come. Millennials are also incredibly comfortable with technology. If you want to hire members of this generation, then your company is going to have to be technologically up to date. Need proof?

According to a Dell workforce study, more than 80% of millennials say that workplace technology will influence their job decision. Forty-two percent say that they would leave a job if the technology is lagging.  Since millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025, any company hoping to hire from this huge pool of talent will need current, innovative business technology.

To remain successful, it is vital that your business stay on top of the latest website designs, applications, software packages, computers, networking systems and more. Not doing so means risking your brand, losing customers and attracting lesser talent. As the marketplace becomes ever more competitive, employing the latest technology is one way to stay ahead of the pack.

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