Lifestyle / 18 May 2017
Organizing Your Work Week

In today’s society, most people can never seem to catch a break. During the weekdays, most people are busy with work, and even during the weekends, everyone’s getting ready for the coming days ahead. The bigger issue, however, is that many people have trouble balancing everything out. There’s so much to do, and yet, so little time to accomplish it. We’ve all had that feeling. When you look at your laundry list for the week and realize how much you have to do at your job, it can be overwhelming. Here are some useful tips for organizing your work week.

#1. Decide What’s Important and Unimportant

As busy as we are, the funny thing is that we often make unnecessary work for ourselves. We spend so much time on menial and insignificant tasks, that by the time we get started on our real work, the day is more than halfway over. The next time you make a list when planning for the week, separate the important and non-important tasks. You might be surprised how many of those tasks don’t matter much, and which ones are actually significant.

#2. Set Realistic Goals 

If you have a lot to accomplish during the week, setting realistic goals is especially important. After all, what if you try cramming as much as possible into one day? You’ll end up burning yourself out, and you might not even have the strength or motivation to get through the rest of the week. Here’s an example of how to set realistic goals. Let’s say you have roughly thirty tasks to complete during the week. Some of these will take you no time, while other tasks are much longer than others. Set a goal of working on up to five tasks per day. By the time Friday ends, you’ll only have a few remaining. I mean, can you imagine trying to fit that workload into only one day? That’s an unrealistic way to look at things.

#3. Start Your Day Early

When you’re a business employee, starting your day early isn’t an option. Obviously, you’ll get fired if you’re late to work too many times. However, that not to say you can’t plan ahead, and even multi-task while you’re getting ready for the day. With that said, getting up early in the morning will ensure all your required tasks can be finished successfully throughout the day. Wake up too late, and you might feel pressed for time in everything you need to do. If you woke up late and realized you had to be at work in 30 minutes, for example, you would be rushing out the door as fast as possible. Overall, create a daily routine, and make sure you follow through with it.

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