Business / 08 Jun 2017
The key stakeholders in a branding strategy

Today brands are more conscientious and sponsor many causes. The media landscape is much more diverse, and brands need to know that there is a growing number of online publications, along with the traditional media, that are monitoring and creating their reputation. Social responsibility will impact the perception that people have about a company. Brands must seek a favorable position in relation to their competitors. For this, it is important to know what these competitors are doing, to know their strengths and weaknesses, and to know how to proactively defend or attack against them.

Investors and shareholders may not play an active role in the operations of a company, but they do in funding, so it is important to keep this group informed.  Investors want a brand that is in touch with its customers and employees. Consulting with them about changes to a company is important, so they don’t feel alienated.

Customers pay for your product or service. To be successful with them it is important to take the time to understand what they are looking for. The old model of few choices and simple buying decisions is over. Customers today have a wide variety of options, and if they are not pleased with your offering, they will move on.

A successful brand strategy attracts the right partners and strategic alliances to a business, and consequently, it will also affect these businesses. Associations and alliances allow a brand to scale up their engagement efforts. Collaboration with suppliers and distributors is important to running a successful business, and long-term relationships are beneficial; however, replacing these is critical if there are signs of underperformance. A brand must make sure that it complies with regulations. It should attempt to stay on the right side of national authorities by avoiding disputes and prosecutions. Finally, employees need to believe in your company to sell it. They are the most important element of your reputation.

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