Culture / 22 Jun 2017
2017 Office Design Trends

Every year shares specific office design trends.  2017 is no different. Although there is often nothing overtly wrong with keeping older office designs, many growing businesses wisely experiment with new design trends and embrace newer lay-outs. Regularly, improving your office’s atmosphere and design theme keeps your business modern and updated with the best office design has to offer.  As you consider what improvements to implement this upcoming year, consider the top 4 design innovations.

Ergonomic Well-Being

Every year studies show that “ergonomics,” or healthy work-place function, is key for improved quantity as well as quality of work.  Minimizing work-related health issues such as poor posture, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome is key to retaining employees and improving office morale.  2017 in particular, is showing huge spikes in ergonomic office design such as stand-sit desks, posture-correct chairs, and healthy work lighting.  Something as simple as switching out poorly-designed office furniture often creates a huge boost in employee comfort and function.

“Living” Office Space

Offices that incorporate “living” elements into their office create a natural and comfortable work-place atmosphere.  Greater use of plants, water displays, and even “living walls,” allow your office to take on an earth-friendly, welcoming spirit for both guests as well as workers.  Employees will not feel “trapped” indoors if you take steps to bring the “outdoors” inside.

Technology Integration

2017 is already revealing amazing, new technological advancements for every sphere of employment.  From health care to finances, new computers systems and office technology are reducing time loss and boosting productivity.  Help make your office more “tech friendly” by incorporating greater integration tools such as wireless chargers, built-in adapter ports, and monitor bulletin boards throughout your office space.

Flexible Office Lay-Outs

Cramped office cubicles and rigid office design are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  This year, more and more offices are transforming their building design with “open” offices and flexible lay-outs.  Although privacy is still a concern, moving walls and similar creative barriers allow employees to feel more connected with one another and less closed-off.  By using a flexible work-space design, workers have more access to natural light and air circulation as well as the creative feed-back of their fellow employees.  These open offices are often more visually appealing to guests and promote a comfortable office atmosphere.


Although you may not use every 2017 trend, make the choice to invest in one or more of these innovations to transform your office’s atmosphere and work-flow.  For more information on updating your office design and lay-out, please contact us today.