Lifestyle / 05 Jul 2017
Creative Tips to Update Your Outdoor Work Space This Summer

Now that summer is beginning to sizzle, it’s time to take a look at outdoor work spaces. Liven up the outdoor work area and boost productivity, attract customers, and strengthen your brand. A few touches to the space outdoors can make a big difference. Your employees will enjoy taking their lunch break there and those passing by will see the improvements. Here are 3 simple tips for improving the outdoor space.

Make it unique

Think outside the box for your outdoor break area. Bright-colored tables and chairs are sure to make the area cheery. You could even set up a hammock for a relaxing ambiance. Don’t have two trees? No problem. Place two posts in the ground and hook the hammock to it. How about a small atrium with outdoor furniture? The possibilities are plentiful.

Update the look

Maybe you already have an outdoor area designated for breaks but it’s outdated. Outdoor furniture can be spruced up in no time with new cushions and decorative pillows. Hang decorative lights along walls or fences to add some pizzazz. Rugs add a finishing touch and are made for the elements.

Celebrate your brand

While you update your outdoor space, remember your brand is on full display. A brand is like a snapshot of your entire business. It is the image people have in their minds of who you are — who your business is. Your brand reflects your business’s personality and the result of how others perceive you. You are the author of your brand because you control what picture people have of your business. Revisiting your brand this summer is a good time to shine.

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