Culture / 13 Jul 2017
3 Office Renovations That Boost Workplace Health

Although an office renovation is the perfect way to improve your office aesthetic, introducing new designs and work trends into your space is also a vital way to improve your employees’ wellness, both physical as well as emotional.  Even small changes in lighting or storage can make a world of difference for employees that struggle with work-related health concerns such as chronic headaches or body pain.  When employees are given a comfortable, satisfying work environment, productivity and employee retention instantly improve.

Windows and Natural Lighting

Inadequate lighting and harsh shadows are major complaints for a many offices.  Headaches and eye pain are common employee issues, particularly for those who work lengthy schedules. Traditional fluorescent lighting is quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more office are adapting to natural lighting alternatives. Studies show that natural sunlight improves employee sleep quality, encourages overall wellness, and boosts workplace productivity. Skylights and window walls are simple design options that allow plenty of sunlight to fill your work space. Using transparent walls and partitions also minimize shadows and creates an “open” atmosphere.

Going “Green” with Office Plants

In addition to physical health, office design plays a large role in employee mental health and emotional well-being.  Employees that feel “trapped” indoors or uncomfortable in their work spaces often experience greater stress and apathy.  Surprisingly, studies find that office plants and trees create a happier, more natural office atmosphere.  Employees with access to nature during their work day were significantly more productive and satisfied with their work environment. Using “living walls,” indoor trees, and a variety of potted plants and flowers all radically improve any office environment.  In addition, these same studies also found that office plant life improves air quality and flow.   Even artificial greenery is beneficial for creating a “greener” and happier work environment.

Ergonomic Storage Solutions

Back complaints and neck issues are debilitating health trends among many industries particularly office environments and healthcare institutions.  Although many ergonomic desks and chairs are available on the market, many storage systems are lagging behind in employee safety and wellness.  Cramped storage rooms and outdated shelving and cabinetry place employees at risk for chronic pain and stiffness, particularly if these storage options require constant bending and reaching. Fortunately, new storage designs are quickly minimizing the need for unhealthy body postures. Large open shelving spaces and creative cubby-like designs keep offices organized and allow easy-access. Keeping supplies and equipment in clear view also minimizes wasted time; employees can easily find anything they need with a glance.

Every year, more and more office trends and designs emerge, many that are specifically geared toward ergonomics and office wellness.  Take advantage of these new office trends and transform your work space. For more information on office wellness and design, please contact us today.