Business / 25 Jul 2017
Should You Move or Redecorate Your Los Angeles Business?

After running your business out of one set of offices for a few years, most people realize that their needs have changed. Something that seemed perfect a few years ago suddenly doesn’t seem that great anymore.

The office may still have great bones i.e., it might have the right foundation to fulfill your needs. If not, it probably wouldn’t have appealed to you in the first place.

But maybe you need to dress it up differently. And this generally means putting some more thought into space planning and interior design.

Why Redecorate Your Offices?

Here are some of the circumstances under which people need to remodel or redecorate their offices:

  • If you’ve hired a number of new people, you’ll have to make room for them.
  • If you’re having more meetings with clients, you’ll need to create a comfortable environment which will put them at ease.
  • If your old furnishings have just gotten worn out, you might want to update them and spruce up the look of your office overall.

Avoiding Replication

According to well-known interior designer Andrew Fisher, you should avoid replication. He says, “We don’t believe in moving to a new place and replicating the one you left behind. Where’s the fun in that?”

Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many people make. We try to live and work in the same way we have always lived or worked. But we don’t stop to question whether that way of living/working is right for us.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go for a bigger set of offices in a more upscale section of the downtown area. It can also mean using the space you have in different ways which will suit you best. Moving is not the only option; remodeling or redecorating can work just as well.

Questions to Ask Yourself

So think about what isn’t working for you in your offices and how you could solve that problem by redecorating. Is your office kitchen/break room too small? Is the space cluttered with files that would be better off in a storage unit? Is your furniture uncomfortable? These are all problems you can solve with a little bit of thought and some input from your interior designer.

Plus, it’s quite possible that consulting your designer will also provide you with a host of new ideas that you might not have been able to come up with yourself. This is why it’s best to work with someone you trust and with whom you have a good working relationship.

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