Business / 22 Aug 2017
The importance of an integrated system for branding

Integrated Marketing is the leadership practice of aligning all actions and messages of a company with its core values. This helps an organization create a deep, long-lasting relationship with its audience, and this increases sales and brand value. Companies that make use of integrated branding are instantly recognizable and easier to understand. Also, they are more appealing, and people will think that they are more trustworthy.

Brand focus helps a company express its vision and personality. The elements of the brand focus include the name, logo, and color palette. These elements should form a cohesive whole. In addition to this, it is important to integrate a brand digitally. Make all sources of information for a brand available on desktops, tablets, and phones. Cloud services enable brands to fit into the lives of stakeholders while making interactions more pleasing.

It is important for a company to understand the attitudes of consumers with respect to their product. For example, Old Spice integrated an advertisement on television with an Internet campaign to attract customers. They invited their Facebook and Twitter followers to ask questions to “the guy,” the character from their successful commercial campaign. Following this, they made YouTube videos about these moments with fans, and this further increased the brand’s popularity.¬†Apple uses a consistent style, tone, and message through every medium. Their products combine the latest technology with simple and elegant design. Their stores are neat and minimalist, and their products are on display for intuitive use.

Once an Integrated Marketing plan is in action, a company can tweak it to fit an audience or situation. Macy’s Department Store, a brand associated with the holiday season, markets itself differently throughout the year. It will focus on savings on most months and will shift to Santa Claus and gift giving at the end of the year. However, its signature red color and its integrated positioning are kept constant.