Culture / 24 Aug 2017
4 Workplace Trends for 2017 and Beyond

The workplace is constantly evolving and becoming more modernized. This helps improve productivity and efficiency. Here are some popular office trends for 2017 and beyond.


As technology becomes more advanced, more and more things are being automated. Smart offices allow people to control the air conditioning, lighting and more from their smartphones and via voice controls. Robots and other automated technology can now take care of various tasks so that employees can focus on more important things.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t something made just for gaming. More and more businesses are using virtual reality for some reason or another. For example, architects and real estate agents can check out buildings and property through virtual reality.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is changing the entire look of the modern office. Papers and documents don’t have to be physical now; everything can be managed, sent, signed and stored in the cloud. Some employees can even clock in remotely, thus changing how businesses operate.


People are becoming more and more health conscious. Sitting at a computer all day isn’t exactly the best way to stay fit, and offices are now rising to the challenge. More and more workplaces are integrating gym rooms or exercise machines. Many are giving their employees standing desks or treadmill desks so that they can exercise while working. Others are installing bars with fruit, vegetables and healthy drinks. In addition, employers are starting to make the workplaces themselves more healthy both physically (like having better air quality control) and psychologically (by installing more space and greenery etc).

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