Business / 28 Aug 2017
Create a Happy Office Through Custom Workspace Design

Happy workers are effective workers. Sounds like a self-evident statement, right? Employees who like their workplace tend to stay with their employers longer, be more productive, and more motivated to see the company succeed. Part of helping employees be happy with their workplace is designing a workplace in which they can be happy, from look to flow to efficiency.

First of all, if a work space is drab, ugly, and stifling, the people who work there will come to dread showing up every day. A monochromatic, dreary cubicle farm not only looks horrible, it’s alienating and even dehumanizing. Granted, having a workplace that looks like a yacht clubhouse isn’t always feasible, but consider how you can make your workplace as a whole aesthetically pleasing.

Also, develop a workplace that has a good organic flow between workstations and even departments. Setting up your floor plan in accordance with the natural flow of product from start to finish in order may make sense. By the same token, in other situations, setting up a central management point with other sections radiating out may also make sense. In any case, arranging your floor plan to allow ease of access to necessary members of the company makes sense in terms of maximizing time on a project for any given employee.

Any good employee is most happy when able to best accomplish his or her job with the minimum necessary time, and having a good workspace flow allows each employee to be more efficient and productive. Spending time searching for a team member instead of conferring with that team member leads to frustration and unhappiness.

Our team at Studio Other Studio would be more than happy to help your team be more happy in their workspace. Please contact us and let us take the first steps to creating a better design for your employees.