Culture / 10 Oct 2017
How to Increase Employee Engagement with Studio Other

Employee engagement is absolutely essential in the workplace. Differing from employee satisfaction, employee engagement is the overall extent to how employees feel about their jobs, the commitment they feel for their jobs, and even the effort they will invest in their jobs. Studio Other can undoubtedly improve the employee engagement within your business.

Studio Other not only provides interior designs that can improve customer satisfaction for your business, but offers upgraded solutions to improve employee engagement, as well.

For example, an option provided by Studio Other, is to transform underutilized work space, once used as a plain cafeteria, into a trendy cafe. This is beneficial because, not only can employees now eat in a nice environment, but they can meet other employees, and discuss work ideas. Employees will be engaged in work—without being behind the desk.

Additionally, the expression “look good, feel good,” does not only need to apply to an outfit. If your employee is in a nice working environment, they will grow a deeper appreciation for their job as a whole, and feel a greater sense of commitment to the company. They will be more likely to advertise the business they work for, and their overall sense of pride for their company will speak volumes.

Of course, when an employee is more engaged in their job, that improves the business overall. Both the employee, and the business, will succeed when the level of employee engagement within the company is up. Essentially, everyone wins. For more information on Studio Other, and what we do, please contact us today.