Culture / 17 Oct 2017
3 Things You Didn’t Realize About Company Culture

Just as culture plays a tremendous role in different countries and throughout history, is should play an equally important role in every company. Having the right workplace and office culture has a positive effect on your company. This post will discuss three things you probably didn’t even realize about company culture.

Open Floor Plans Matter

Over recent years, many companies have opted for open floor plans as opposed to traditional cubicles for their office settings. And there is a reason for that. It turns out that employees actually prefer this setting as it leads to greater productivity in the workplace. So if you want a more energized, driven, and focused team, seriously consider ditching the cubicles for something a little more open.

White Walls Could Mean Stagnation

Sure, having an office space that is garishly decked out could be quite the distraction for your employees, but have a sterile, white-walled office setting could prove to be quite uninspiring and result in a stagnation and lack of motivation. These are thing you don’t want to have get in the way of your company’s productivity. Introducing a bit of Feng Shui and having some color could do wonders for many aspects of your workplace culture.

It Pays Off To Put Effort Into a Space That Seems to Effortlessly Inspire Creativity 

It is important to set the stage for a productive work environment. This is done by creating the proper office setting with plenty of natural light, open space, and color. When you have these elements, it becomes even easier to create a space that is welcoming, warm, and encourages team building and brainstorming.

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