Business / 24 Oct 2017
Do the Interiors of Your Orange County Business Reflect Your Brand?

When you’re decorating your Orange County business, you need to keep your brand in mind. When clients come into your offices, they should see interiors which are in keeping with your brand. In order to create such interiors, you have to put some thought into exactly what your brand is and how it can translate into a work environment. This is also something a great interior designer can help you with.

Different Types of Brands

Let’s say you’re running a women’s magazine which focuses on fashion, career, and love for women in their 20s. In that case, your brand is going to be youthful, fashionable and carefree. On the other hand, if you run a law firm which specializes in corporate law, then your brand will probably be more old school, dependable and reliable.

How Interiors Can Reflect Brands

In each of the above two cases, your interiors need to reflect your brand. So for example, if you run the magazine, then your interiors should probably be bright, colorful, quirky and cool. And if you run the law firm, your interiors need to be solid and comfortable (think teak wood, bookshelves, Persian rugs and comfortable couches). In each case, it’s important for the interiors to reflect the brand, partly because this will reinforce the brand in the minds of employees and partly because it will create the brand in the minds of customer too.

Reflecting What Customers Want

Let’s say that you belong to the law firm and you bring a customer over to your offices. They’re going to expect to find something solid and old school. Instead, if you present them with hip, colorful, quirky interiors, they might actually start to get suspicious of your company. Keep in mind that people always have a certain idea of the type of Orange County business they want to do business with. It’s up to you to convince them that you are that business.

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