Motivating employees is one of the most important part of maintaining a strong and effective workforce. After all, studies show motivated employees are more engaged, handle uncertainty better, more likely to solve problems, and are more creative. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and employee retention, which makes your business more profitable.

Saying thank you to your employees is a great way to show your appreciation for their work and keep them motivated to perform well.

Try these 5 creative ways to let engage your employees by recognizing their hard work, dedication, and loyalty:

  1. Handwritten Notes. In a world driven by technology, a simple, handwritten thank you note goes a long way. It shows you took the time pick out a card, think about what you wanted to say, and write it freehand. It’s a unique way to let your employees know they are worth that extra mile.
  2. Potluck meals. Food brings people together. Scheduling a potluck is a fun way to bond with your employees, celebrate accomplishments, and break bread. People also enjoy sharing recipes, and potlucks allow the opportunity for employees to share something they enjoy personally with colleagues.
  3. Let your employees leave early. Holidays are stressful. Help relieve some of that stress by letting your employees go home early before a major holiday. They will appreciate the extra time to enjoy with friends and families while knowing you value them and their contributions to your business.
  4. Offer special project opportunities. Employees like knowing you recognize their strengths, so thank them by offering opportunities to show off, gain more skills, and do something different from their daily grind. They will be excited to work on that new project and appreciate that you thought of them for the special opportunity.
  5. Thank you treats. It’s important to know what your employees enjoy. If Sally loves hazelnut lattes, surprise her with a hazelnut latte. If John has a sweet tooth, surprise him with candy. These perks help them feel more connected to you while also getting them excited about an unexpected treat.

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