Business / 06 Nov 2017
Workspace Design – Consider Meeting Spaces

There are many considerations when it comes to workplace design and one of the most important is creating meeting spaces for your employees. The days of the water-cooler conversations might be increasingly replaced by email but it is still important to have places for your employees to meet.

Meeting spaces will allow your employees to talk among themselves. It is awkward to stop and talk at someone’s cubicle. This will lead to short and uninformative conversations among employees. Instead, you want to create a space where employees feel free to mingle. There should be enough seating and other necessary items.

There are many ways to make employees feel comfortable in their meeting space. Use creativity to make the room stand out. It should not feel like the rest of the office. It should offer more purpose. Consider what sort of technology you need to install into the room. Leave enough space for it and get the proper furniture to store it.

Think about adding art pieces or pictures to your meeting room. It will add a sense of style and set the room apart from the others. There will inevitably be downtime during meetings and so it will be nice to have items to observe during this time.

Feel free to contact us, no matter what part of your office you are designing. Custom furniture by its definition will fit in any space. No matter what needs, material or design you have in mind, we will help you with all your office furniture essentials.