Business / 07 Nov 2017
Designing Custom Furniture

There are many thought processes and creative manipulations that go into designing custom furniture for an organization. The design development is usually a team effort on the side of the client and on the part of the designers. When these two points of view come together, the magic occurs. Getting to the place where these two perspectives coincide requires a few simple steps.


Before designing furniture for a certain space, two issues deserve all parties’ input. They are understanding the organization’s mission and meeting the needs of the company’s employees both physical and psychological.


Most furniture designers will balk at the idea of creating pieces based simply on what is currently trending. In many cases, following a trend, like open concept design, is just not right for every organization’s requirements. In 2016, the Harvard Business Review called the collaborative trend, “too much of a good thing.” Obviously, there are companies that need offices with privacy and areas that are more isolated.

Employee and Client Approval

Those who work in a brick and mortar building want to have a work environment to which they are happy to come and that enhances work productivity. Many workers feel brand identification builds a sense of community in the workplace.


When furniture construction, including reception desks and conference tables, remains neutral and simple, it is more likely to adapt to different placements and ever-changing trends that occur in any organization.

At¬†Studio Other¬†Studio, we listen, brainstorm, create concepts, engineer, and build furniture that will transform your organization’s office space in ways that can only be understood after installation. Using top-of-the-line computer-generated renderings, real-life material samples, and handheld mockups, we walk our clients through a process that ensures their satisfaction.