Business / 13 Nov 2017
Personalized Workspace Design

What are the most important things to consider when contemplating office design? Everything, it turns out, from the colors of the walls to the furnishings to the way you utilize space.

When you think about it that makes sense. Countless studies have shown the environment affects humans. Why should the place they work, an atmosphere in which they are often immersed more hours than they spend awake at home, be any different?

Prisoners placed in cells painted pink were more peaceful and calm, detailed in this interview with the author of Drunk Tank Pink, Adam Alter. He notes other color effects, such as the universal appeal of blue, and the greater attraction on dating sites to those wearing red.

Your office is someplace you conduct business, someplace you want to go. It’s not meant as a jail sentence, but to be interesting and … fun. So why not prime your office space as the most productive, friendly environment possible?

The debate on the benefits of open spaces rather than cubicles has largely been settled in favor of open spaces, but the terms of surrender are still being hashed out, as noted in this New York Times article. Lately, adjustable desks, allowing employees to stand and relieve some of the maladies that come with sitting a lot, were found beneficial for productivity, morale, and posture. There are countless decisions that can affect your business spaces in positive or negative ways you may not realize.

Start with an open mind. Different types of businesses desire to present very different types of images. A law firm and a talent agency would likely have two very different office designs. Why not present the image you desire for your business?

The point is your company environment means a lot. It’s the place where your business begins and lives.

Ours tooContact us here at Studio Other Studio in Los Angeles. We can help design your office from the floor up. We’ll listen to you first, talk concepts, brainstorm, engineer, and finally build your office space in a way customized to your needs and business, with no detail left to chance.