Business / 20 Nov 2017
What to Consider When Ordering Custom Furniture for Your Office

There are many benefits of having customized furniture for your office as opposed to purchasing ready-made pieces. With customs designs, you don’t have to worry about furniture whose size is not well suited for your office space. Everything is tailored to your taste, and you can order for unique designs to enhance your corporate personality.

Apart from size, aesthetic appeal, and establishing a corporate personality, here are four other things you should consider while ordering for customized office furniture.

Future workforce

Many firms often order for furniture with the needs of their current workforce in mind. It is good to think ahead and think of how you could have employees with different tastes in future, like storage preferences. The best solution is to have a variety of furniture designs for flexibility. For example, you can have both cabinets and file drawers for storage. You can also incorporate different desk designs with some having left returns and others right returns.


While bright colors lighten up the workplace, having them all over your office can be tedious. Have bright colors in short bursts. Blue or shades of blue, green, and purple work well with office spaces, and their brightness can inspire more productivity in your employees.


The correct posture is very crucial to the comfort and health of your personnel. Ensure that your furniture designs comply with OSHA’s ergonomic guidelines. Consider employee heights and order for height adjustable chairs. Also, for computer desks, order for keyboard trays.


Storage space is very essential in the office. Not only does it aid your staff in organizing their work and preventing documents from getting lost, but by getting rid of clutter, your employees feel less stressed. An organized office is also very appealing. Let your designs have as much storage space as possible.

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