Business, Culture / 20 Nov 2017
Workspace Design – Creating a space that focuses on movement and flexibility

There is no such thing as the “traditional office” anymore. For many, today’s office environment is all about movement, collaboration, and flexibility. With so many companies focusing on keeping employees healthy and active, creating a space where movement is the primary theme is both an attractive benefit to both job seekers and employers alike. Below are a few thoughts to consider when designing a space that is as functional as it is active:

  1. Open Space – Create a multi-purpose space that is productive and comfortable. This “flex” space is for team meetings, war rooms, lunches or coffee breaks. Good lighting, movable furnishings and smart connections like USB wall ports and desks with built-in jacks all complement this space.
  2. Bring the outdoors, inside – Consider leafy plants, succulents or even indoor herb gardens in the break room for a touch of the outdoors. Well cared for plants inspire creativity and alertness. Fresh herbs are aromatic and enlighten the senses. In addition, fresh mint in hot chocolate is always work appropriate!
  3. Custom Furniture – Don’t be afraid to explore custom furnishings. Desks with built-in risers that allow employees to switch from sitting to standing are health conscious and cool to have. Go crazy with seating. Think about including plush chairs and ottomans for those areas employees use during breaks or brainstorming. Alternatively, include chairs that cater to lumbar support in conference rooms but go with the pop of color instead of basic black.

Today’s employee spends 8 or more hours in the office for a minimum of 3 days a week. Creating a space that is conscious of our desire for better health, the need to stay active and productive is less a trend and more a way of life. These are meaningful additions to an office environment that inspire creativity and remind employees that their wellness is a primary focus. If you want to explore how these changes will impact your workspace, contact us for more information.