Culture / 21 Nov 2017
3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Great Corporate Culture

When it comes to business many believe it’s all about pushing products or services. However, a profitable successful company is much more than that. Creating a great corporate culture will help your business thrive in ways you could never imagine. However, a negative culture can bring your company to a screeching halt. So, why is a great corporate culture so important? How has culture evolved over the years?

Attract and keep great employees:

Your greatest asset and biggest expense are your employees. You want to attract the best talent because ultimately they will help your business thrive. A supportive positive culture is a top priority to job seekers. New employees are looking for companies that fit their lifestyle. Employees don’t show up to be a cog in the wheel anymore. They need to know they are contributing value to the organization.

Keep profitable customers:

Good customers are your bread and butter. Customers that refer your business to their friends are what makes the business run. Before the Internet took off customers were strictly interested in your product or service. They shopped around but mainly for price comparison purposes. Now customers want their money going to a company with a great culture. One that treats their employees well and values ethics.


If a company has a negative culture it is difficult to hide. Especially with the number of online review sites available. Your reputation can severely affect your ability to attract good talent these days. That wasn’t the case a few generations ago. It’s easy for them to go to the competition because they don’t want to contribute to a business they can’t get behind.

Company culture is a vital part of any business. It is what allows employees to come to work each day and give it their all. A supportive positive culture separates the good companies from the great. At Studio Other Studio we enhance your culture through innovative furniture design.Contact us today.