Culture / 27 Nov 2017
4 Tips to Align Your Space with Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has changed since the era of Mad Men. Gone are the stiff suits, corner offices, and lowly secretaries stuck “paying their dues” for years on end. As companies learn the value of creativity and the open exchange of ideas, corporate culture has become more flexible and open to new ways of thinking. However, sometimes our physical spaces – the places we do work – lag behind the progression of corporate culture. So, even though your company’s culture may have evolved, it’s important that the change is reflected physically, too.

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Encourage personality. Workers want to feel comfortable in their own space. Give them the ability to add their own creative spin on their space, whether that’s adding photos, plants or any personal flair.

Create communal spaces. Designate places for employees to come together, share ideas and develop relationships. With the growing trend of telecommuting, incent workers who come into the office with a positive place they can interact with their peers.

Bright lights, big ideas. Rooms with bright light – whether it’s natural or artificial – can improve workers’ mental health and energy levels. Place lamps throughout the office to give the space a more intimate feel.

Inspire. Use furniture that’s not just functional but creative, as well. If you’d like to draw on the creativity of your corporate culture, add custom art pieces and design. Use innovative names for conference rooms and fill the space with color. By making a statement with your space, you’re inspiring your employees to create more meaningful work.

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