Culture / 02 Jan 2018
Influencing Corporate Culture with Custom Office Furniture and Design

Employee satisfaction isn’t just rooted in promotions, benefits, and salaries. Corporate culture also has a role to play. According to Forbes, corporate culture is more important during the last 20 years than it has ever been.

Lately, employers are looking to ergonomics to achieve work environments that make employees more productive. Customized office furniture provides better ergonomics and allows you to influence company culture.

Invest For Healthier Work Culture

Employees frequently sit eight hours during a typical workday. In time, workers develop lower back pain, headaches, and other ailments.

Investing in office furniture designed to reduce such hazards is a smart way of keeping employees comfortable and healthy. Customized office chairs allow employees to adjust the height of the chairs to suit their needs and work more comfortably. Adjustable desks allow employees to work standing, sitting or go back and forth as necessary. Some offices install folding, slow-moving treadmills under work desks. This encourages activity while working, promoting healthy living, and alleviating aches and pains associated with a sedentary workstation.

Design for Efficiency

When it comes to influencing corporate culture, workplace design matters. Office design should be visually pleasing and motivate employees to perform at their optimal levels. A poorly designed office keeps morale low and dissatisfies employees.

Design your space with your vision and aesthetics in mind. If your business requires workers to collaborate on different projects, consider a ‘bench’ design, as in, rows of desks arranged in a bench-like fashion. If workers need privacy and quiet to work, stick to a more traditional cubicle or individual offices set-up.

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