Culture / 22 Jan 2018
4 Ways Millennials Are Changing Corporate Cultures

Corporate culture has evolved by leaps and bounds during the past couple decades. As baby boomers prepare to retire millennials are swooping into the workforce. However, millennials aren’t simply replacing the retiring baby boomers. Their wants and needs from a company are much different than those of baby boomers. They are a major player in the evolution of many corporate cultures.

Work-life balance:

Many millennials desire a good work-life balance for their careers. They usually have a hobby or two that brings them joy outside of their job. For millennials having the opportunity to work around their schedule (if the work is completed in a timely manner) trumps money and promotions.


Millennials are not interested in being ‘a cog in the wheel’ at work. Clocking in, clocking out, and collecting their pay is not sufficient for them. They need to know their work has a purpose. They want affirmation that they are valuable contributors to the business.


Millennials are attracted to flat management organization. It’s frustrating to them when they are being held back by corporate bureaucracy. For millennials hierarchical structures are unnecessary and a hindrance to innovation. When they have an idea, they want to talk with the decision maker to get the ball rolling.


Advances in technology have changed the way we do business. Technological advances have normalized working remotely. Baby boomers prided themselves for face time at the office far more than millennials. Facetime is less important and less necessary to millennials. Technological advances allow employees to work faster and smarter than their predecessors.

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