Business / 19 Feb 2018
Custom Furniture: An Investment In Success

Can it be reasonably suggested that the look and feel of a corporate office materially contributes to the corporation’s success – or failure? While there are no exhaustive studies or hard statistics to call on, common sense tells us that employees will respond positively to, and be able to work more efficiently in, an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic workspace. We also can’t overlook the positive effect on customers and clients of an environment that exemplifies and extends the corporate brand.

More and more companies, realizing how the right look and feel of their offices, their boardrooms, their retail outlets, even their social spaces, can positively affect their bottom line, are turning to custom designed furniture and interiors.

At Studio Other, we realized these truths a long time ago – in 1963, to be exact. Since then we have become one of the nation’s leading providers of interiors that respond to the wants and needs of our corporate clients.

Interior design – particularly in offices – has changed enormously since then, and almost every day brings new opportunities and new challenges. Today’s interiors must reflect the almost complete domination of the internet and its progeny: smart phones, smart machines, virtual data and communication, meetings conducted in the cloud, and a growing need and desire for instant connectivity.

While the tasks performed and tools required for this new generation of office furniture are similar, every organization is unique, and each interior will ideally be designed and built to reflect and extend the character, personality, and attitude of the organization that will be working in it.

Why spend the time, energy, and money to design and build interiors that are responsive to a company’s goals, people, and work ethics? Simple: it’s just good business.  Can a custom designed interior make a positive contribution to your bottom line? Let’s find out. Let’s talk.