Business / 26 Mar 2018
Is Your Company Furniture Setting the Stage for Clients?

Corporations that make regular face-to-face contact with clients have to put a lot of work into appearance. The building has to look clean, be accessible, and match the standard (positive) image clients have about your niche. But it’s not just the tile and the potted plants that have to do their part of that job. Customized corporate furniture can also go a long way in establishing your business.

Reception area furniture should always match the company colors.

Your reception area shouldn’t be neutral and bland, but it also shouldn’t be too quirky. The best way to put your corporate signature on a space is through color choices. The walls and flooring may be impossible to change depending on your lease, but you can certainly make the waiting area’s chairs and tables fit your company. Make sure the fabric is your brand’s primary color and use the accent color for trim and cushions.

If you want to be modern-looking, you can also get tables with custom colors. Some offices look better with traditional wooden tables and heavy furniture sets. But you can be adventurous with industrial minimalism by having steel tables with colorful tops, chic reception desks with colored panels, and more.

Make sure the furniture is accessible for everyone.

Using high stools and narrow chairs can help make your reception area look more open. But it also implies your business isn’t for everyone. You can make your business more accessible by having a range of chairs with different heights and widths. Any tables should also have a range of heights. Making small adjustments for clients in wheelchairs, potential applicants with walking disabilities, and visitors who need clear pathways will be noticed and appreciated. It’s also not just good business; having fixed furniture that doesn’t meet ADA requirements can result in a penalty or a claim.

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