Business, Culture / 23 Apr 2018
Should You Get a Bottled or Bottle-less Water Cooler?

Different offices need different coolers. If you’re short on space in the breakroom, then a counter-top unit is your best choice. If you have a lot of coffee drinkers in the office, see which water cooler providers add in other services. Take a poll to see if your employees want access to both hot and cold water through the cooler. One of the other major considerations for your type of office cooler, whether you should use bottles or your building’s available water supply, takes a little more consideration:

How does the building’s water taste?

Every county and even every building within the county can have water that tastes slightly different. Ask a couple of employees to evaluate the taste of the water compared to the jugs of bottled water. If the water doesn’t taste good, regardless of the relative savings, your employees will not use it, and that cuts into all the benefits of better health, additional productivity, and a friendlier work environment your office could have.

What does your landlord allow for?

Most bottle-less water coolers are easy enough for the provider to hook up to the water supply lines. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the property owner wants that to happen or wants to take on the potential risk of water damage from a poor installation. Double check your rental agreement or with your landlord if your company is leaning towards a bottle-less system.

While a watercooler may seem like only a small part of your office design, it facilitates good health and informal communication. Having easy access to fresh water will set part of the office’s tone, which is important for a new company or branch. No matter which type of water cooler you choose, it will make your office better. Go to Studio Other to optimize the rest of your office design.