Business, Culture / 14 Aug 2018
Drivers of the Evolution of Corporate Culture

Every organization has a set of principles that dictate daily operations, which give rise to the adoption of a particular culture by specific companies. However, the advent of new trends from time to time is bringing evolution in corporate culture, and companies need to respond accordingly to this requirement.

The reason this is so important is that corporate culture can either enhance or derail the operations of a firm, as a result of the contribution of each employee. Here are details on drivers of corporate culture and how their contribution evolves the workplace.

How Administration and Management Can Affect Corporate Culture

The role of executives in most organizations is to set the standards by which enterprises operate, as well as establish practical ways of effective management. Additionally, the administration in every firm has a responsibility to set up a payment structure as part of their contribution towards building a corporate culture.

However, it is necessary for management to appreciate the fact that adopting a directional system will result in unhealthy corporate culture and high employee turnover. Therefore, involving staff in the decision-making process will build a strong culture in every entity because achieving success in creating an ideal corporate culture depends on working with loyal employees.

As a result, management will achieve the objectives of the enterprise as a whole and increase the rate of retention of employees.

Employees’ Contributions to Corporate Culture

All employees have specific duties to attend to depending on their job description, and in the same way, each of them has a role to play in the establishment of the corporate culture in which they work. As such, employees act as drivers of organizational culture in various ways, some of which involve quiet roles and small gestures as well.

In that case, staff can contribute to the corporate culture of a company in diverse ways, including discussions amongst co-workers relating to personal details, the way a secretary makes coffee, or an intern that shares homemade pastries every week.

The bottom line is that corporate culture is nonexistent without the contributions of all because every individual in every organization participates in its establishment, in one way or another. If you need more information on the drivers of corporate culture, contact us today!