Business / 04 Sep 2018
Workspace Design: Cultivating a Successful Collaborative Workspace

A collaborative workspace or a coworking space is an open office environment built to encourage interaction that boosts teamwork and overall productivity – and it’s incredibly effective. With 89% of those employed within collaborative spaces reporting being happier and 84% reporting an increase in motivation, it’s no surprise that the number of coworking spaces is predicted to reach nearly twenty thousand in 2018.


Cultivating a Successful Collaborative Workspace

For many, a positive social climate is a vital part of their employment. Comfortable environments yield employees that are loyal, more effective, more efficient, and much happier overall. Establishing a successful collaborative workspace will rejuvenate the office and the boosted morale is bound to raise profits and revenue.

Openness and transparency

With as few walls and dividers as possible, an open workspace encourages communication. In fact, the office of the highly successful Citrix has all glass walls. This design allows coworkers to easily check in with one another on collaborative projects as well as inspire one another by seeing fellow peers hard at work.


Working in groups often involves a lot of moving parts. Your coworking space should aim to ease the transportation process while ensuring there are more than enough places at which you can sit down and work comfortably. Citrix has integrated mobility by furnishing their office space with tables, chairs, etc… that have wheels. Your workspace should also have plenty of outlets to plug devices into, consistent lighting, and strong wifi.

Comfort and Refreshments

 Using all of that brain power is bound to lead to a much-deserved break. Employees should have an area where they can relax with a coffee and engage in small talk. Encouraging tasteful non-work related interaction strengthens the sense of community within the office, which will ultimately increase the quality of teamwork.


Again, establishing a strong sense of community within the office will ultimately raise the quality of collaborative production as well as the final product.


Although video calls and instant messages ease the burden of distance, location is still a key factor in cultivating a successful collaborative workspace. Pick a location that is easy for everyone to arrive at and offers plenty of parking.

The Bottom Line

A collaborative workspace effectively encourages interaction and teamwork, while yielding happier employees who are far more productive than their counterparts. Needless to say, cultivating a comfortable coworking space is simple and highly beneficial for the entire office. For posts about interior design, business insights, and more head on over to our blog. For more information about Studio Other, please contact us.