Business / 24 Sep 2018
3 Ways to Incorporate Access Control into Your Office Design

Access control and key fobs are security features that are all but default in most office spaces. If your company handles secure information, including personally identifiable information (PII) and medical information that falls under HIPAA regulations, you need to have a way to make sure your office stays secure.

That starts with making sure the only people to have even tangential access to the information are the ones you allow. Here are three ways an access control system can help:

1. Limit access to secure papers files and your server room.

Not everyone needs access to your secure files, whether those files are paper, electronic, or a mix of both. The best way to protect the files is to lock down access. Not only should you bar the majority of employees from access to these sensitive storage areas, but you should also be vigilant about who goes in, how long they stay, and how often people enter. An access control system can be coded to only allow a handful of employees access.

2. Set hierarchies of access based on job roles.

Limited access isn’t a security feature just for highly vulnerable storage areas. Organize your access control permissions so everyone has the access they need but only that. Create tiers of access based on the floors regular employees use, and ensure only executives and their assistants have access to personal offices.

While your security department should still be monitoring for unauthorized access, the best way to catch aberrant access is to limit general exposure.

3. Examine the data for suspicious patterns.

Not only do key fobs limit people’s access to different areas in your office, they also record the movement of individuals. That data gives you insight into your coworkers’ general¬†movements. Once you have that baseline data, you can train your security system to alert you if people start acting suspiciously. Some examples include dramatically shifting entrance and exit hours, entering a protected room frequently, or not using a key fob at all.

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