Business / 01 Oct 2018
3 Workspace Design Ideas for Passive Security

Office design isn’t just about creating the most comfortable space for your coworkers and visiting clients. It’s also about creating a space that makes employees feel safe and keeps the information in your office secure. Follow these three passive security design tips to make sure no one is gaining unwanted access into or information about your company.

1. Block visibility through windowed doors.

It’s becoming more and more popular to have windowed doors that are completely glass or have a hefty percentage of their surface area devoted to windows. While that can make your office space seem more open and inviting, it also lets people see inside.

Minimize potential data security breaches or illicit information gathering by designing the office to make the windows next to useless. Start the interior office space with lined cubicles so no one can see the desks’ surfaces. Alternatively, build an office next to the door so passers-by see more wall than office movement.

2. Bar the visitor entrance with the receptionist’s desk.

The visitors’ entrance to your office is facing weakened security. If your coworkers are unsurprised to see people┬ácoming through the door, they’re less likely to check them for the right security pass or alert someone. So physically block off the door with the receptionists’ desk.

This isn’t to make your receptionist the first line of security. Simply having the obstruction deters most potential criminals or pushy guests from attempting unauthorized entrance in the first place.

3. Cover the windows.

Whether you’re in a skyscraper or a single-floor building, big windows are nice. They let in lots of natural sunlight and keep the office bright. But completely unprotected windows let people see inside, especially with the wide array of recording equipment available.

Instead of blocking the windows with curtains or blinds, add layers of film that keep the inside of your office secure without sacrificing the sunlight. Find protective films that block cameras, ultraviolet light, and video. This keeps your office secure and sunny.

Passive security and more.

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