Business / 22 Oct 2018
Using a Community Network to Support Diversity and Inclusion

Are workplaces becoming more diverse? For those that are, are efforts at inclusion successful? Both diversity and inclusion in the culture of a business can support resilience and creativity, but they require effort and continuing support. The concept of a community network, both formal and informal, can support efforts at community building among a diverse group of employees.

Communication and Diversity

Our diversity comes not just from ethnicity and gender, but from age, education, and other differences. At this time, there are three generations in the American workplace. Looking at the developmental needs and concerns of adults at different life stages, it is clear that communication and understanding of those different from ourselves is critical if we are not only going to get along, but get some work done. One of the best ways this can be done is through a social networking system that allows us to get to know each other. Community networks can be the social media of choice by having a common community thread–the workplace, or larger corporate entity.

By allowing a social media platform that can allow some free opinions and ideas, while moderating conflict, leadership can keep an ear to the pulse of the workforce, and community members can get a better understanding of co-workers’ concerns and values. This type of community network can also support more personal efforts at mentorship, and offer solutions to common challenges- transportation, child care, job sharing and swaps, etc.

Informed and Inclusive

With the rapid rate of technological disruption, changes in the workplace can be a great source of stress among everyone. Having a strong and agile system to communicate changes and plans allows leadership to circumvent the grapevine, and stop the doomsday rumors that can interfere with productivity and employee engagement. In addition, new initiatives, such as health savings accounts or new retirement products can be discussed openly, giving needed real-time feedback.

Implemented correctly, a community network can be an agile communication hub that supports efforts at diversity and inclusion. Can we support your community through our industrial design services? Please get in touch for an appointment or for more information.