Business / 29 Oct 2018
Optimize Your Office Space for Healthy Working

Every employee needs to be able to customize their office space for their own needs. Some employees may need more locked file cabinets because they process a lot of paperwork. Other employees may need more electrical ports or a cubicle in the corner of the open office space for extra security. The best solution is to leave that customization in the hands of your employees, especially when it comes to health. Here are three easy ways to do that:

1. Provide shelf space and drawers.

Drawers don’t just help employees secure their personal belongings. They help clear up their desk space. Study after study shows that a tidy workspace leads to more productivity. This is true both in general situations and when employees literally have work piling around them. Having out-of-sight space to conceal in-progress work helps. It’s also great for security.

2. Give large windows modular blinds.

Regardless of the paperwork, your employees are going to be doing most of their work on screens. That means you need to have a solution for the windows. There are plenty of clings that block out harmful UV radiation and dim down powerful sunlight. But sometimes your lease agreement doesn’t allow for those modifications. Instead, install units of blinds so every row can come to an agreement and protect their eyes.

3. Make the desk heights adjustable.

That doesn’t mean you have to buy or rent expensive desks. It just means you need to have a few options available in your office space. Laptop stands, adjustable monitors, and other simple tools can help your employees adjust the top height of their desk. Adjustable chairs and table raisers can help lift up the desk for tall employees or employees in wheelchairs.

Mental and physical comfort are important. Not only do comfortable employees focus more on productivity, but they also stay in your office longer. Go to Studio Others here for more design ideas.