Business / 20 Nov 2018
How to Make Your Lobby Stand Out

The standard wisdom gives each of us one chance to make a good first impression. That goes for your company, too. Whether you have prospective employees, clients, or B2B partners coming into your lobby, make sure that image is the best one for your business. Here’s how custom furniture can help:

1. Make sure your lobby is memorable.

Everyone who might find their way into your business’s lobby is someone who sees a lot of lobbies. People waiting for an interview are going to be interviewing in quite a few offices. Consultants and service providers see a different office every week. Even clients may shop around to different companies in your niche.

While meeting their standards is a good way to make the first impression you need, it’s not necessarily memorable. Stick in their thoughts with bright colors and unique style.

2. Work your niche into the furniture.

If you sell eyeglasses, have a couch where the back looks like the silhouette of lenses. If you sell cybersecurity services, have a high-tech lobby that screams futuristic thinking. No matter what business you’re in, there’s a way to make the furniture reflect your core services and principles.

That doesn’t just make you memorable. It gives you good icebreakers¬†and tells people you’re not just a pop-up, temporary business.

3. Go high-quality.

While you want your lobby to be one of a kind, you don’t want to be quirky. You want to be classy. So don’t build your setup from antique furniture finds or a hodgepodge of styles. Get your furniture custom-made so it’s a perfect match for your office. High-quality, sturdy materials say just as much about your business as the style of the furniture.

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