Business / 27 Nov 2018
Is Your Office Ready for Instagram?

Pictures are the way to connect with people online. Nobody likes a wall of text. Even a wall of text that’s oriented with bullet points and subheadings isn’t friendly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re reaching out to general audiences, customers, or future applicants. Pictures are the way forward, and they set the tone for all of your future interactions. Take advantage of that with a stylish office and some engaging Instagram photos. Here’s why it matters:

1. Customers want a personal story on social media.

Social media marketing strategies come and go, but they’re all about forming a relationship with your customers. While sponsors and nonprofit projects can do that, it’s not enough. Customers want to connect to your company through people, so develop employee personalities that resonate with your audience.

Give tours of your office, show candids of your employees, and let a bit of personality show on your professional Instagram account.

2. Show applicants an inviting image of life in your office.

More and more, job seekers don’t just want a paycheck. They want a good place to work. Culture, workload, and relationships are starting to matter more than the actual rate of pay once employees know they’re making enough to survive. So load up your website and application pages with inviting pictures of your office. But before you snap a picture, make sure your office actually looks inviting and well-designed.

3. Pictures happen, but bad security shouldn’t.

There’s a potential downside to all of this transparency, and it’s bad data security. So don’t let those candids be too candid, and don’t let office shots tell potential burglars where the hardware is. Make sure all personally identifiable information is hidden away, and keep your HIPAA regulations in mind. Don’t let your photos show internal projects, and certainly don’t have papers on the desk. Cameras take crystal-clear photos, so don’t let a single pixel reveal something it shouldn’t.

Go to Studio Others to make your office photogenic without being a security hazard.