Incorporating Exercise into Workspace Design

Modern employees have a wide range of exercise choices, from traditional gyms to boxing lessons to moving meditation and tai chi. Many workplaces and employers want to support their employees’ healthy choices, and one of the best ways is to incorporate exercise-friendly design into workspaces.


A traditional gym space can provide equipment for both cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercise, both of which can impact the risk of heart disease and dementia. Most gym spaces provide some media, and have extended hours. Many also incorporate water or other drinks and have restrooms and shower facilities.

Showers and Dressing Rooms

If shower facilities are offered, they can be designed in such a way that gender divides are not used. Individual shower rooms with attached dressing rooms can be unisex. With mirrors and incorporated hair dryers and sinks, single shower/dressing rooms can meet the needs of most employees. This is a more expensive option than traditional, large shower rooms that incorporate many people at once, but standards of privacy and identity are changing.

Outdoor Platforms

One trend in exercise and workplace design is incorporating garden or green spaces with walking paths or tai chi spaces. Outdoor platforms can be used for a number of types of traditional exercise, such as yoga and tai chi, or more vigorous dance or martial arts practices. Placing these outdoor exercise platforms in an interior garden gives them the benefit of green space as well as some privacy.

In geographic areas where outdoor exercise cannot be a standard practice, dual purpose rooms can be used for this type of exercise. A large space with furniture that is portable and can be converted and moved easily is popular. Many workplaces that offer exercise classes for employees have such dual purpose rooms.

Walking Paths

Walking paths throughout a large campus can encourage walking rather than driving, and these are especially popular when they wind through beautiful garden spaces, such as through a rose garden or through a wall of bamboo. Water features such as a fountain, and outdoor art can bring beauty to a walk.

Transportation Storage

For those who are choosing an alternate form of transportation for their daily commute, adequate storage for their bikes and scooters can encourage this healthy activity. Since these forms of exercise and commuting take longer than a traditional drive in many places, having a cafeteria or coffee shop that is open early can offer employees the ability to exercise their way to work and get a healthy breakfast or snack on arrival.

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