Is Your Office Ready for the Video Conference Connection?

If you created a list of standard office operations from even fifteen years ago, a lot of them are no longer relevant. While we all still resonate with our favorite characters from Office Space, technology has gotten rid a lot of the old stereotypes in one way or another. 9 to 5? Managers are getting more flexible as long as the work is done and all the major time zones have coverage. 3 1/2-sided cubicle? Gone in favor of co-op spaces and bigger desks with frosted glass (and less overbearing) walls. Meetings? Well… not everyone’s in the office, and that means video conference calls.

Why are video conference calls so important?

More and more offices have remote employees, and the last thing anyone wants is to interact with a blank, faceless agent on the other side of the spreadsheet. Video conference calls, especially with remote teams, let everyone know that the other people are “real” in a sense that’s hard to capture through the email alone. Even just half an hour every month or quarter makes far-flung team members like each other more and cooperate better. That’s just human nature.

A video conference also makes people feel more comfortable asking questions. The group setting or even just the non-verbal cues that don’t get captured in formal work emails (or even instant messaging) make people open up and ask questions before miscommunications turn into problems.

So how do you design your office to make it happen?

You can’t video conference in a crowded office space. Instead, create huddle rooms with:

  • Natural lighting
  • Walls or barriers for sound-muffling
  • Desks or tables that preserve the right height ratio for a laptop camera
  • Minimal distraction
  • Enough huddle room options where people don’t have to wait or feel rushed
  • Ports and sockets for both electricity and a hardline Internet connection, since video conferences need a lot of bandwidth

To make these spots fit into your office design, contact our design experts at Studio Other.