How to Soften Your Office’s Industrial Design

Industrial design trends are staying strong, and there’s a reason for that. Industrial design is an easy way to flip a blank space and make it into an office space that fits any company, big or small. Modular set-ups and minimalist design save you space, and it can give you future options as you expand or concentrate your business. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Here are three ways to make your industrial design even better.

Open up high windows for natural light that won’t create glare.

‘Natural light’ is at the top of the list for things that both radically improve health and mindset¬†and is seriously lacking in most people’s day-to-day schedules. Unfortunately, it can be hard to add it into an industrial design office space where everything relies on laptop screens and tablets. So you have to get creative. Wide, short windows along the ceiling let in natural light that expands the space. Frosted glass windows let in a haze of diffused light that causes less glare. Mix and match for optimal exposure.

Soften concrete and steel with cork and wood.

The concrete and steel of industrial design are a cool aesthetic. But they’re also a cold aesthetic. Cover the walls with wood and cork paneling. This softens the look to make it look a little less prison-like. It also stops noise from reaching so far and making sound build up.

Make the floors cheerier (and more comfortable) with rugs.

Concrete floors can be just as harsh. Add a collection of rugs to dampen the noise and make walking easier on people’s feet. You can also use rugs to break an open floor plan into ‘sections’ or areas without adding in walls.

Make the industrial look your own with a few unique design elements. Studio Other can help you create a space that’s tailor-made for your company and your employees.¬†Contact us today to get started.