Textile Fibers: Sisal, Seagrass, and Esparto in Workspace Design

The natural textures and colors of the wild grasses used in interior design, as well as their pleasing versatility and wonderful scent, make these grasses an important part of a natural interior design scheme. They are considered textile fibers, and their colors range from a pale, celadon green to buff to straw and light browns. They’re popular in different parts of the world where the grasses grow and have a long tradition in housewares and handicrafts. These products are now available for interior design throughout the global marketplace.


A traditional use of these sturdy textile fibers is in flooring. Esparto grass rugs are well known in Spanish seaside towns. New methods of production are bringing sisal carpet and area rugs to the marketplace. While casual, they also add pleasing texture and neutral color. Several forms of jute are also being used in commercial flooring, and the grasses are being combined with manufactured textiles to add sturdiness to the flooring.

Wall Coverings

Wall coverings are being made out of these grass textile fibers, as well as bamboo. They make lovely window coverings in a variety of neutrals, and room dividers can echo the colors and textures of the windows and walls.


Furniture framed in wood, bamboo, and wicker has been traditionally covered in a tight seagrass weave for a sturdy and long-lasting furniture frame that is also lightweight for easy movement. Much of the furniture made from grasses has ethnic and regional weaving at its heart. This furniture is popular in French Colonial and British Colonial decorating schemes, especially when a large seagrass and bamboo chaise can be moved underneath a rattan fan on hot afternoons.

Functional and Decorative Textile Fibers

The nature of weaving means the grasses, as well as rattan and wicker, have been popular for lighting and lampshades. They’re also used in fans, traditional baskets, storage, and art, such as sculptural objects. The curving and rounded shapes give an organic beauty to products made in these traditional forms.

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