Top 3 Module Workplace Designs for Modern Offices

It’s not just employees and contractors who are constantly on the move. Small offices are increasingly mobile as they rent out short-contract office spaces, work in coworking spaces, and take advantage of empty commercial buildings to set up shop. All of this movement has lead to the creation — and the necessity — of modular workplace designs that can be packed up, moved, and easily reassembled. Here are the top three design ideas that still make your office feel structured and sturdy:

A Room Within a Room

Every office space needs individual offices. These are spaces with four walls and a ceiling that keep confidential calls muffled or let executives conduct meetings with a bit of privacy. Instead of having to set up walls and hope for the best or specifically request rental spaces with built-in rooms, you can bring your own. Modular workplace offices can be set up with soundproofing materials, glass, or any other material. You can set them up in warehouses, offices with high ceilings, and more.

A Circular Nook with a Desk and Chair

Sometimes the wide-open spaces of modern office design can be distracting or unsettling. Give your employees options with fully assembled spaces that have a floor, ceiling, desk, and chair all built straight into the frame. These units let people get some peace and quiet as they’re working on projects without being completely isolated. They can also help you make good use of the dead space against the walls.

Modular Workplace Waiting Rooms and Lobbies

This modular space is a bit less intense than a room within a room. Set up ceiling-less rooms with high glass walls and a receptionist’s desk for your office’s lobby. Tightly defining the waiting space for applicants, visitors, and clients helps you maintain security. It also creates a great first impression that can block some of the behind-the-scenes chaos.

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