Culture / 12 Nov 2019
Improve Your Corporate Culture with Wellness Retreats and More

Many companies focus on making sure that they pay their employees enough, give them good benefits, and limit their overtime. These are great, albeit basic, things which every employee is looking for in the company where they work. Although it’s great to focus on these things, it’s also important to make sure that your employees remain mentally engaged. Because once a person starts to get bored, it’s just one more step towards feeling low or depressed. So some form of mental stimulation is needed for employees and can help a great deal in improving your corporate culture. Here are some tips on cultural events, wellness retreats, and mixers:

Cultural Events

If you’re running a company, consider holding some cultural events for your employees. You can have a musical performance, a poetry open mic, a comedy club, a book club, an art class, etc. Doing something new and different always stimulates the mind and makes you more creative and eventually, more happy. Plus, it will encourage your employees to mingle and get to know each other better.

Wellness Retreats

Nowadays, the term “wellness” is used to encompass a number of things such as yoga, meditation, chanting, etc. And most people, no matter what their level of fitness, like yoga because it’s gentle on the body. Yes, there are tough yoga poses, but there are also simple ones and the idea is for everyone to do as much as they can. Weekly wellness retreats in the form of yoga/meditation classes can really help your employees to feel good, mingle and develop a yoga practice that will keep their bodies supple even if they live a mostly sedentary lifestyle.


Even if you run a small company where it’s possible for everyone to know everyone else, you may find that people only mix with a few other people on a daily basis. It’s important to encourage employees to mingle with each other more. Holding regular mixers with games, music, food, etc. can help people get to know each other and develop friendships within the company.

If you get a little creative in your attempts to improve your corporate culture, you’ll find that your employees will be a lot more engaged and happier in their day-to-day lives. This, in turn, will make them more productive when they’re at work. Contact us for more information.