Culture / 31 Dec 2019
Improve Employee Wellbeing by Creating a More Joyful Work Environment

As time goes by, more and more companies are realizing the importance of improving their company culture. Gone are the days when a company measured its success simply by looking at the bottom line.

Nowadays, companies know that they should also be considering other things, such as how happy their employees are. Do they feel good about working at the company? Is the company likely to show up in a list of “100 Best Companies to Work for”? Do their employees have a work-life balance?

Improving Wellbeing and Productivity

One important thing that a company can do in order to increase the wellbeing, productivity and longevity of its employees is to improve the actual physical environment in which they work. If you read Ingrid Fetell Lee’s book, Joyful, you’ll see that the environment in which you live/work can have a real impact on your joyfulness.

Creating a More Joyful Environment

There are some very simple things that you can do in order to increase joyfulness in your surroundings.

  • Light: Getting some natural light every day is known to improve a person’s mood. So if you can incorporate large windows into your office décor, this will greatly improve your employees’ experience working there, which will lead them into being more productive.
  • Plants: Plants are another great way to make a place more homey. In addition to actually releasing oxygen into the air, plants have a calming effect on a person’s mind, which can help to reduce levels of stress.
  • Color: Color also has an effect on the human psyche. Dull colors like beige and grey can make a person feel dull mentally. However, extremely bright colors can frazzle you and make you more hyperactive. So the best thing is to have a mix of the two. You want to encourage your employees to be active but not stressed out.
  • Space: It’s also a good idea to give enough space to each employee, if possible. Closed-in cubicles can sometimes create a claustrophobic effect. Instead, you might want to go with larger cubicles, cubicles that are open on one or two sides or completely open floor plans in which each employee has a desk, but their workspace is not separated from others’ workspaces by a wall or a cubicle.

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