Productivity, Tips / 11 Feb 2020
Ergonomic Workspace Design

Many people believe that the only way to increase productivity is to work more. They think that if you just keep putting in the hours, you will be more successful at what you do. And this is not entirely untrue. Hard work does often result in success.

Is Your Hard Work Becoming Sisyphean?

There are times when hard work just begins to seem Sisyphean (if you’re familiar with the story of Sisyphus who used to roll a boulder up the hill everyday only to find that it had rolled back down the next morning). So in order to prevent existential angst and also work smarter, you might want to try ergonomic workspace design!

Improving Mood with a Better Workspace

There are many ways in which workspace design can help you get more done in your day. First of all, it’s a fact that a brighter, more cheerful atmosphere is conducive to feelings of wellbeing. And when you feel good, you also work better.

Preventing Carpal Tunnel with Ergonomic Workspace Design

Secondly, ergonomic workspace design also takes long term wellbeing into consideration. For example, did you know that the best way for you to type on a keyboard is when your elbows are forming a right angle? Ergonomic workspace design would take this into consideration and design your desks and chairs in a way that will be kind to your wrists in the long term, thus preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Prolonged Sitting Can Have a Negative Impact

It’s also very important for you to sit with a good posture when you’re working. The human body is not really made to sit for prolonged periods of time. We’re meant to be walking around like our ancestors who were cavemen. But modern life is such that most of our work gets done in a sitting position. Ergonomic workspace design considers this and creates the kind of furniture that is kind to our bodies, preventing backache, neck ache, etc.

Preventing Back Problems with Workspace Design

When most of us picture an impressive office, we imagine a large desk and a tall, leather, swivel chair as this fits in with the traditional idea of a workspace. But if you’re going for an ergonomically correct workspace, you might have to get skeleton chairs, which look a bit odd but are nonetheless very comfortable as they maintain the S-curve of the back.

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